The Mortgage Loan Process

Step 1: The Interview

  • A professional loan officer meets with you to fill out the loan application. You provide the documentation listed below. The loan officer will order a credit report.

Step 2: Processing the Loan

  • Your application is processed with the information that you provide. You are provided with a good faith estimate. The title work and appraisal are ordered for your property.

Step 3: Underwriting

  • The completed title work and appraisal are added to the documents received in Steps 1 & 2. The package is forwarded to our underwriting department. Here your loan will be approved. Additional documentation may be requested at this time.

Step 4: Conditional Loan Approval

  • Upon approval, the package is forwarded to our closing department. Documents and instructions for closing are prepared and sent to the title company.

Step 5: The Closing

  • All appropriate parties sign the documents, provide any funds needed for closing. The loan is funded and disbursed.

Required Documentation:

  • 2 Years W-2’s

  • 2 Years Federal Tax Returns

  • 1 month recent pay stubs

  • 2 months current bank statements, retirement, etc. (all pages).

  • Current mortgage statement (if applicable)

  • The address and phone number of your landlord for the last two years (if applicable).

  • For purchases, purchase contract.

  • For refinances, most current property tax statement & homeowners insurance declaration page.

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